Surface Stylus couple with Wheel Ring: A productivity-oriented & natural-based input device/accessory substitute for mouse & keyboard set

As an emerging content creation device, Microsoft Surface actually features two digitizers instead of a single one like most tablets: One for touch, one for digital ink. But we found that pen gesture does not apply to all scenarios, compare with mouse and keyboard input set, though stylus good at content creation, but weak at multi select. We intend to make up for the weakness and explore a natural and intuitive way instead of point-and-click pattern to interact with productivity application. Based on this, we designed a stylus couple with a wheel ring. As an attached tangible interface, wheel ring offered a smooth flowing and precise experience for software operating specifically in radial menu case. It also well-integrative among stylus, ring and Surface from industrial design perspective. To next step, we going to explore more opportunities around stylus-base scenario and broaden the interactive space through tangible interaction mode.

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